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Digital Intelligence

The NHS Wales Delivery Unit Digital Intelligence Team are passionate about bringing great people into analytics and modelling in NHS Wales. Beyond our usual recruitment processes, we have a number of opportunities available to those interested in being involved in the innovative and high impact work we do with Health Boards, Local Authorities and Welsh Government to support patient care.

Placement Year Students:

Each year we host a student placement, for those who are seeking a year-long work experience in between their second and third year, as part of their University Degree. We look for a numerate and computer literature student, with a good academic record and demonstrable values in line with NHS Wales. Placements typically run between August and July (one full calendar year) with recruitment commencing December/January.

Noah Jones:

“Right from the start of my placement I’ve been working alongside experienced and talented colleagues. Working with these people allowed me to learn new techniques in programmes I previously thought I was proficient in and have started to learn new coding languages entirely. I’ve also been given a variety of important tasks to do, including refreshing various important data dashboards, for instance the daily COVID situation report, and run processes for report updating. Finally, I’ve had the fantastic opportunity to go to WMC events which enabled me to talk to people across health-boards and organisations across Wales.”

Rhys Price:

“Working as an Undergraduate Analyst over the last few months has been an invaluable experience. I have been given a wide range of projects to work on ranging from building models on Simul8 to developing and updating dashboards in Excel. I have been given regular opportunities to improve my skills, being invited to attend helpful teaching sessions for various apps such as Python, R and SQL.

Using a range of new skills might sound daunting, however, the DU team are always happy to help and weekly support sessions ensure you are never stuck on one thing for too long! I have really enjoyed learning how to transform endless data into useful information that helps build a model or report.”

If you are interested in your university engaging with our team regarding these opportunities, please contact us using the feedback form on the website banner.


Here at the DU we would love to support internships. However, as we are aware that unpaid internships are only open to those who can afford such opportunities, we only support internships that are paid through existing schemes (such as the OR Society Awards & Scholarships) or those part of registered courses where costs are covered as part of the training model (such as Masters). If you have funding from a registered scheme and would like to get in touch about an internship in the DU then please get in touch via the feedback form on the website banner.

Masters Projects:

For the past six years the NHS Wales Delivery Unit Digital Intelligence Team have hosted a number of Masters Projects, made possible through the great questions and challenges posed by colleagues across NHS Wales. We have had the privilege of supporting two students who went on to be awarded the May Hicks Award for their projects – a UK wide competition across all Masters in Operational Research projects. This year we will be hosting a maximum of two projects, and therefore invite expressions of interest from University supervisors and students via the feedback form on the website banner.

Rachael Carpenter:

Doing my dissertation project with the Delivery Unit was a really rewarding experience as I was able to do work that could make a difference to people's lives while finishing off my degree.  The team were really supportive and helped me to understand what outcomes they were looking for while allowing me to experiment and use my own ideas of how to get there.”