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About Us

The Delivery Unit’s vision is to achieve sustainable improvement in NHS Wales through a whole system approach to health and care. We do this by delivering the vision of, ‘A Healthier Wales’. A Healthier Wales sets out Core Values that underpin it. The core values are::

  • Putting quality and safety above all else providing high value evidence based care for our patients at all times.
  • Integrating improvement into everyday working and eliminating harm, variation and waste.
  • Focusing on prevention, health improvement and inequality as key to sustainable development, wellness and wellbeing for future generations of the people of Wales.
  • Working in true partnerships with partners and organisations and with our staff.
  • Investing in our staff through training and development, enabling them to influence decisions and providing them with the tools, systems and environment to work safely and effectively.

These core values are at the heart of our work, to ensure that we deliver this vision for the benefit of the entire population and for future generations.

A Healthier Wales uses ‘design principles’ to help the public and staff to understand in practical terms how the Quadruple Aim described in the plan and the NHS Wales wider philosophy of Prudent Healthcare, can be applied to drive change. We use these design principles to ensure our content and approach are fit for the future. This ensures we continually add value that links policy through to practice and to the delivery of current and future national targets. We work closely with Welsh Government, taking our lead from nationally agreed priorities and how they feature in organisational plans.

The Delivery Unit’s mission is to work with NHS organisations and their partners to deliver the vision of a healthier future through intelligence, action and outcome.

“A Healthier Wales”: